Friday, December 14, 2018

Winter Best Picks - Sustainable & Chic

Everlane - Radical Transparency

I have been really into this brand - Everlane recently, for their brand beliefs and values - Exceptional quality, Ethical factories, and Transparency; and of course for their aesthetics as well. They believe in Radical Transparency - which attracted me the most, is that they disclose what we (the customers) have to know: what their products cost to make and their mark up. They are so honest about everything and I really appreciated, not only that, but they also source the best factories from around the world to produce their items - and being completely transparent about that, and all factories are given a compliance audit to evaluate factors to make sure the workers are treated right, see more in here

Designed & made to last

Everyone needs wardrobe staples - items that you can wear on a daily basis and will never go out of style, that is also in good quality and can wear for decades. Once I have discovered Everlane, tried them and loved them.

Here let me show you what I've got from them this winter and I hope you like them as much as I do too!

Working across the weekend at Macao wearing everything Everlane: Sweater & Jeans.

I am so in love with this sweater, get it below!

1. The Cotton Long - Sleeve V-Neck Crop (comes in 5 colors & 6 sizes) - shop here.
2. The Wide Leg Crop Pant - (I wear Regular length in size 00), one of the must haves, get them here.

Hong Kong's winter go-to look, items listed below:

3. The Clean Silk Charmeuse Oversized Shirt (mine in the color Stone) - softy and comfy super so perfect for work & events! - get here.
4. The Drape Trench Coat  (mine in Khaki) - get it here.
5. The Day Heel (the comfiest walking heels every, great for going to work!) - in so many colors so here you go.

Morning reads before I head to work..

6. The Heavyweight Cashmere Hoodie - (Yes, it's from the Men collection, but its super comfy and go with the wide leg pants so..) get it here.

More Styles..

Some more must-haves that I wear nearly every day with my blazer on top, click to shop!

Hope you guys enjoy this one and keep yourselves warm in these lovely and timeless designs this winter.