Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Travel Story with St. Regis Osaka


Hi Osaka, I have missed you so dearly!

I think most of the Hong Kongers are no strangers to most parts of Japan, I too did travel a lot to Japan but the western part of Japan always has my heart for some reasons. For those who have already been on my insta for some time might have noticed that I traveled to Osaka quite often these years - for me every time it was a different adventure, especially when you go there during different seasons you are def going to see very different scenarios, if you are lucky, you get to witness or even take part in their festive cultural activities like the Tenjin Matsuri in summer.

(Me outside St. Regis Osaka!)

Staying at St. Regis Osaka

This time we are staying with St. Regis Osaka and this is not exaggerating at all to say that this IS the best hotel experience I have had in here ever. Need not to say that St. Regis is a 5-star luxury hotel, it is also located at a very convenient district at Namba, Mido-suji st. which is totally perfect for you to head to anywhere you wanted for anything as it was just 5 mins walk from Shinsaibashi / Dotonbori.

Before we got to our room, we were greeted passionately and brought to the seated check-in area where the hosts explained to us about the property while we were waiting for the check-in and our assigned butler to come over. After getting to know briefly about the hotel, our butler arrived and led us up to our room, introduced us to the room's facilities, made us tailored welcome drinks and explained about their MOST amazing butler services.
Staying at their Grand Deluxe Suite bedroom at 26th floor with exquisite design, premier textures and finishes provide a residential-style experience that offers striking views of the Osaka skyline (86 m2).

(This amazing view from my room!)
 (This amazing room..)
 (Can you imagine how nice this view will be?)

 (The bathtub where I had my wine)

Have your own butler

For you, all that you have already seen my insta-story - St.Regis is so special because of its one-of-a-kind butler services, and if you are are interested to know more, there are more on the menu, you can choose how you liked your pillows as well! That's beyond amazing right?

As I was heading out to have a business meeting the next day, the St. Regis Team was so thoughtful to remind me that they have clothes pressing service to provide, what we had to do was just to put the pieces that we needed to be pressed in the butler box for them to collect in a few mins, for me it this one of the most caring and heartwarming things ever except for their super helpful unpacking service that all the guests are going out in neatly ironed clothes the next day and looking so good every morning staying with them.

(The living room at the reception floor.)

(Welcome drinks from out butler)
(The butler menu.. so much to choose from, tell me what you like?)

Breakfast well served

(Some of the delish food!)

I was really looking forward to their breakfast at their elegant Italian grill located at the reception floor called La Veduta. We are kindly reminded to arrive early before 8 to avoid the busy hours and we did - we got to sit at a quiet corner, the host let us choose a main course from the menu (there are a lot of selection and we picked the steak, yes, for breakfast) with hot coffee and juices and we then headed for the buffet part.

There are so many choices there, from Japanese, Chinese to English breakfast you name it, the bread/ pastries section is my favorite if you needed me to pick, you do not want to miss out their croissant trust me.

Japanese Courtyard & More Instagramable Parts

(The Japanse Courtyard!)

(The amazing bathroom and the hotel hallways.)

 I love St. Regis Osaka so much and I cannot wait to come back and stay with them again, it is now my first choice where I am going to stay every time I visit Osaka. If you are coming over too, I strongly recommend it to you from the bottom of my heart - check them out or book here, you deserve the best and you need to know it. So much love from me to you, more travel stories from me to you. xx