Saturday, April 6, 2019

Clean Beauty - Spring/Summer Must-haves for brightening

Winter has passed and it is almost time to reenergize our skin and figure out some new skincare routines or new products with promising brightening results to try on for spring and to prepare for summer days.

Summer skin 

My skins are very sensitive to weather and season changes, and it behaves very differently at times - for all these years I have learned one thing that I am sure that works, which is, to avoid aggressive approaches and quick fix treatments and try to hydrate and nourish your skin with natural, organic and healthy substances sourced from eco plantation around the world - as we all have to trust that the nature as all the answers to fix things.

I treat my skin discoloration and uneven color parts with organic/ natural products - recently I am introduced to Phenomé,  a brand that produces high-quality skincare for face and body that gives an effective and healthy combination of active ingredients, and their bestselling Apple Series totally has my heart now.

Apple Series

Their Apple Series is their skin brightening line filled with ingredients perfectly cope with discoloration if the skin and to remove the grey tones and evens out the complexion, it also has the anti-wrinkle properties! It contains apple extracts, apricot acid, ginkgo, and acerola - with the high content of vitamin C, this series also strengthens the capillaries. If you love apple, you will be pleasantly surprised when you open every bottle of this series, it will amaze you by the appetizing aroma of sweet apples. See my feature about it here

My top shelf items are now:
1. BRILLIANT restoring toner
2. LUMINOUS apple ream
3. VITALITY SHINE mousse mask

Visit their website or IG @phenome_organic to learn more about them - and you will surely fall in love with them x