Saturday, May 11, 2019

Taipei Cousin Trip - Staying with the best: W Taipei

I know Taipei is only 2 hours flight time from Hong Kong and many of you guys have been there or actually be in Taipei too many times - but you might not know where is the best to stay or the MOST worthy afternoon tea (only available in limited time) while you're staying in Taipei.

I was here with my cousins attending a homeware exhibition that my cousin (very proud) was taking part in, and check them out here. Their products are going to be available soon in some of the stores/ cafes in the Eastern Taipei district where all the trendy and artsy people hang out -- seriously I cannot be more proud, that 2 of my 3 cousins are actual female entrepreneurs, they have inspired me so much and have always been my motivations.

I chose to stay with W TAIPEI at the Xinyi district (the most popular area for culture, entertainment, and commerce) , the "Spectacular Room" which has a very nice view of the Taipei city and canNOT mention that it's facing the Taipei 101 - as it is the only hotel in the area that you can get the full view of 101 building from your room (that I got it), and where you can find can find the most throbbing nightlife, best retail experiences and best cuisines. 

About this room

- 54 rooms
- 463 Sq. ft.

With amenities like:

- Overlooking Taipei 101
- Full-length tri-fold-mirror
- Indoor terrace with hill lounger
- Two-way open closet (that's just awesome as me and my cousin could just use one of those)
- Wooden made ladder for hanging towels (very instagrammable)
- 42" flat screen LCD TV, Bose 2.1 sound system
- Mixologist laboratory with glass rack 
- Stell wall-mounted maps
- W-animal sculptures
- Tree light

To know more click here.

We are so lucky to get the welcome gifts - a mini tea set from the hotel while we were just amazed by how amazing the room is:

My cousin and I stayed in the room most of the time except for work stuff and meetings, it's been some time since we have spent so much time together and I really cherish this - and yes, she took nice pictures. This room and their wine from the mini bar are ones of the many reasons that we are staying in, of course!
(Captured by my cousin Sara during our wine moment)

The Afternoon Tea with the view of 101

The YEN BAR on their rooftop IS JUST BEYOND AMAZING!
The second day of our stay we went in the afternoon and tried out their limited edition AFTERNOON TEA.

We have heard so much good0 stuff about YEN Bar where you can see the Taipe 101 from there, and something more exciting is that they are now having the "W Voyage" Afternoon Tea set (pairing with different cocktail shots for each) - which means you can just sit pretty at Taipei and get to try out the different signature food items from all these W hotels: Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Koh Samui, and Singapore in bite sizes.

Menu here:

W Taipei
橙酒乳酪慕斯佐巧克力椰子餅 Cointreau Cheese Mousse(Coconut Chocolate sable)
Cocktails : SIDECAR  (Martell Ncf | Cointreau | Fresh Lemon | Orange Juice | Chocolate Bitter)

W Hong Kong
Wagyu Beef Tataki Slider (Roasted Garlic Slaw, Shiso Ponzu, Shiso Cress)
Cocktails : GORDON ROGUE ROMANCE (Campari | Grand Marnier | Angostura | Grapefruit Juice)

W Bangkok
椰奶斑蘭戚風蛋糕Coconut Milk Pandan Chiffon Cake
Cocktails : GUEI FEI FADES (Beefeater Gin | Lychee Purée | W Made Vanilla Syrup | Fresh Lemon | Fresh Houseleek)

W Koh Samui
泰式酥炸雞翅Thai crispy chicken wing
Cocktails : EMPEROR OOLONG MARTINI (Oolong Tea Infused Beefeater Gin | Fresh Lemon L Honey | Tky Syrup )

W Shanghai
焦糖蛋塔Caramel egg tart
 maker’s mark | kahlua | fresh brew espresso | vanilla syrup | milk |

W Singapore
抹茶奶油起司蛋糕(薑味覆盆子亮釉、榖麥脆片Matcha Cream Cheese Cake(Raspberry Ginger Glaze, Granola Crumb)

More are coming and I cannot wait to show you more of my experiences in W Taipei! Please be kindly reminded that this Afternoon Tea is only available at a limited time and will be ended at the end of June - so people, if you are in Taipei or will e visiting Taipei,m book your set, don't miss out!