Thursday, September 21, 2017

My Three Favorites from The New VB x Esteé Lauder Collection

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Victoria Beckham face moisturizer, 740 HKD / Victoria Beckham beauty product, 665 HKD / Victoria Beckham cheek bronzer, 510 HKD / Victoria Beckham lip gloss, 350 HKD / Victoria Beckham palette eyeshadow, 585 HKD

Victoria Beckham has just released her second collection for Estée Lauder and I cannot wait to try them out - her fashionable and chic looks always has my heart. This time the #VBxEstee came out with 18 newbies, Victoria created them with the inspiration from her favorite cities in the world: New York, L.A., Miami, London, and Paris. There are also cities inspired looks sets, check here. Except for the news, this time Victoria is also re-introducing 10 hero products from the original lines, all available exclusively at Lane Crawford only!

Here are my personal favorites from the collection:

(1) Aura Gloss in Honey (from the Signature Look set)

My friends all know that I'm a highlight sucker, I'm very into highlights and every time when there are any new launches makeup lines, that will be the first thing I check out.
Aura Gloss in Honey is included in the Signature Look set which is the starting point for every one of the City Looks - simply means it is the basic set that preps our face into a fresh and glowing texture and ready to add other sets on it. This product is created based on Victoria's experience in front of the camera that how the right light can create the perfect skin tone and texture - a high-shine gloss, infused with gold pearl shimmer that catches the lights. I have always been using powder highlights and thought I would have stuck with powder for some time; until I have tried the Aura Gloss in Honey! I was shooked, it literally does what it said in the description, and most importantly, it does not ruin or move any of my makeup when I used it on top of it! This is definitely the perfect gloss form highlighter and is totally worth the money.

(2) Morning Aura Illuminating Crème (from the Signature Look set)

Prepping the skin is ALWAYS so important as I said so many times on my Instagram posts, I'd always be more willing to pay for a nice primer/ moisturizers first, and then I consider foundations and all that after it. I have tried this out and I love the texture of it! In Hong Kong you need to pick your primer very carefully - the weather is so humid all the time here and I have always been avoiding textures that are too sticky and would end up having an oily face at the end of the day, but THIS illuminating creme taht is part brightening primer and part luminous moisturizer feels just perfect, the micro-pearls in it can instantly brighten up the skin for a glowy and healthy texture, and it feels very comfy on my skin!

(3) Eye Palette in Blanc Noir Gris Bordeaux (from the London Look set)

This is a palette of 4 shades to create Victoria's new take on her London beauty look (the perfect blend of culture and edge) - Blanc: white pearl color shade with a little shimmer finish; Gris: a very special translucent MATTE GREY (!); Noir: soft matte black; Bordeaux: light shimmer wine red. They might look powdery but they are NOT - they are a gel-creme kind of powder that can be worn alone or combined - to achieve a "smouldering" smoky eye that has a very blendable finish. I just love how these colors can be used alone and together so differently and also SO stunning in so many ways you use them, the matte grey seriously have my heart and I cannot wait to create more looks with it.

Let me know what's your favorite item of this collection and why!