Sunday, November 18, 2018

Farfetch X rewardSnap Private Luncheon

Me at the @Ecriture, FF & RS luncheon.


With more than 1.2M followers on Instagram followers, @FarFetch, the UK based online luxury fashion retail platform that sells curated fashion items from over 700 boutiques and brands from around world, well I think if you are here reading you should be familiar with Farfetch already. As an influencer, receiving an invitation to lunch with the Farfetch and rewardSnap crew, (as I have been always shopping from them, always adore how they curate the best fashion items from new to vintage, their blogs have also been influencing my fashion taste/styles. It is more than a shopping platform for me, it has become a platform for fashion lovers, not only customers) is totally an honor.

The Private Luncheon

The private luncheon was held at Ecriture in Central - a French x Japanese fine dining restaurant located atop H Queen with a minimalistic interior, "is like an artist's blank canvas blending soft organic wallpaper with a symmetrical copper ceiling," they said, and it is definitely one of the most beautiful places to dine-in in Hong Kong for sure - to me, copper, marble, minimal designs are everything.

The lovely sign outside of our room, captured by the official photographer.

The luncheon is so intimated and warm, as it is surprisingly exclusive that there were only around 10 influencers from Hong Kong there. Every each of us sits next to/close to the FF & RS crew and this is so exciting for me that I get to know more about them, and what other influencers and friends have been doing; as the attendees are all super cool people, I feel like I have so much to learn from and be inspired by them, there are: Tina Wong, Jade Lam, Kalin Chiu (that I am sitting closer to) and more. 

Loving this portrait of me prepared by the amazing team.

Aside from all the warm welcomes (including a special gift for each influencer, everyone gets something they liked, each is different,) and a lovely hand-drawn portrait of all of us!) and nice conversations, we also had so much good food and drinks, I tried both of the mains (yes, Kalin shared hers with me,) we are all super amazed by how all these were planned.

The lovely menu of the day.

 I wish I could spend more time together with everyone there especially sitting in front of such splendid views of the heart of Hong Kong from such a high floor. The luncheon was not short but definitely not long enough, like all happy times. I am so going to miss the kind crew and very looking forward to meeting all of them and working together soon.

What I Wore:
1. Danse Lente - Johnny Mini Leather Bucket Bag in black, get here
(I found this one in blue that is on SALE now, check it out here
2. Senso - Sabine II Boots, get here

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